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Having issues with the touch responsivity of your Nexus 5X while charging it? You’re not alone. Many users on various forums are reporting similar problems.

According to Nexus 5X user Simon Mellins, who posted about the issue on Reddit and Google’s Nexus product support forums, the problem appears when charging the phone with the charger that ships in the box. This 3A/5V/15W charger uses the USB 3.1 Type C standard for fast charging (not to be confused with Qualcomm’s Quick Charging tech).

When charging, users report decreased touchscreen responsivity, which is especially visible when typing. The touchscreen effectively lags, which can really ruin the experience of using the device. It may sound like a small issue, as users can just unplug the device for the time they need to use it. But it appears to be a real issue, nevertheless.

Reportedly, using other wall chargers (with a USB Type C to Type A cable) has no negative effects on the touchscreens. There’s some speculation that the issue is due to insufficient shielding that causes electromagnetic interference in the touchscreen.

Dozens of users on XDA-Developers, Reddit, and Google forums are confirming the problems. A survey on XDA shows that 27 users report having the issue, compared to 22 who said they encountered no problems.

At least one user is reporting a more serious issue, where the device becomes “completely unresponsive” when plugged in for charging and a few minutes after.

The problem may have already been fixed by Google and LG. There’s speculation that the devices manufactured in November (device serial number starting with 511) don’t have the issue.

We’ll keep you updated on this issue. Meanwhile, have you run into similar problems? Let us know.

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