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Nextbit teases "frigging awesome" phone launching Sept 1

Startup nextbit, which counts Android and HTCveterans amongst its staff, has confirmed that it will announce a 'frigging awesome' phone on September 1st.

Published onAugust 11, 2015


When a startup company teases a “friggin awesome” product, chances are you’ll automatically dismiss them but in the case of Nextbit, you might be wise to sit up and take notice. The company has teased that it will unveil its first smartphone on September 1st and promises it to be in the new “premium tier” of Android smartphones costing between $300 and $400.

Nextbit phone will "easily stand out" and be priced affordably

The startup has already revealed plans to switch from software to hardware and with backing from Google Ventures and an employee list that includes Android veterans Tom Moss and Mike Chan along with former HTCdesign chief Scott Croyle, its new smartphone may yet be “frigging awesome”. In an era where no one but Apple seems to be able to make a profit from Android devices, the startup is hoping that its HTC design roots and intimate knowledge of Android can help it buck the trend.

Moss, the chief executive of Nextbit, said:

It’s going to be friggin’ awesome. Phone fatigue is a real thing. That’s why we’re doing something different.

The other big claim about the Nextbit phone is that it apparently gets better over time; with its in-depth knowledge of the Android OS, the company claims to be able to progressively enhance the operating system making it better over time, which is in stark contrast to current devices which are rendered obsolete within weeks of launch. Nextbit will also aim to end the current woes of storage limits by leveraging cloud storage so you can use stores as many apps and media as you like.

Your phone will perform better over time and function at a higher level because of this software enhancement. We’re focusing on a device that can adapt to you.

[related_videos title=”Metal phones in video:” align=”left” type=”custom” videos=”624837,596131,596037,591241″]One of the biggest benefits that Apple has received from owning its software and hardware is the ability to optimise the platform to work on various types of hardware and Moss claims that Nextbit are aiming to do the same. Both Moss and Chan were early members of the Android team and Moss says this in-depth knowledge means they are best placed to achieve the same gains that Apple has done and “supercharge” the experience.

Standing out in a crowd can be difficult but Moss says that Croyle’s experience as one of the key designers behind HTC’s gorgeous One range gives them the knowledge to make a difference. Croyle is widely regarded as one of the designers who helped drive the current trend of metal bodied devices and Moss says that making a phone was always on the cards, as evidenced by the hiring of Croyle last year.

Hardware is not an all-of-a-sudden thing It’s been in the plans for some time. There’s a lot of you do to have a provocative design.

Naturally the company isn’t revealing specifics about the phone just yet but Moss did add that they are trying to “push the boundaries”. Do you think a startup with the pedigree that Nextbit has, can challenge the current incumbents in the market place? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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