Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior VP of Android, Chrome OS, and Chromecast at Google, has tweeted that a new set of emojis are coming to Nexus devices with the next Android system update.

Based on Unicode 8.0, eligible Nexus devices will gain access to emoji such as a lion, a crab, and a unicorn. These are the three new emoji spotted in the screenshot tweeted by Lockheimer. The latest version of Unicode includes the taco emoji, which was recently adopted by Apple in the iOS 9.1 update.

Lockheimer replied to his own tweet with some more information, saying that the upcoming system update for Nexus devices features a new keyboard, new font, and new code. It could be that there’s more to this system update than what’s been already revealed. Either way, we’ll find out by next week once the update arrives for Nexus devices.


In the tweet, Lockheimer has made it clear that only Nexus devices will be gaining access to the new emojis soon. Owners of Android devices by other OEMs will have to wait for an official update. Google has already shared the font and tech details with OEMs, so its entirely up to them now to choose when to update their existing lineups. OEMs will decide their own update schedules, Lockheimer added by replying to a query on his tweet.

Hopefully, more Android devices gain access to taco sooner than later.

Back in October, Lockheimer had tweeted that they have started work on adding new emojis to Android. He just didn’t say when. Looks like his team took only a little over a month to get the update ready for rollout. The announcement was made shortly after the iOS 9.1 update rolled out, which brought in a slew of new and cool emojis. Going back in time just a bit further, we had written about how Google & Apple were working together with Unicode to add new emojis to the standard.

What about you, are you a emoji addict who can’t wait for these new ones?