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April 17, 2021
Top headlines this week:
AAW The Walking Dead SurVivors
Joe Hindy / Android Authority
Welcome to the 376th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Clubhouse is coming to Android sooner rather than later. The popular drop-in audio call platform is currently only for iOS. The official time is roughly six weeks. That puts the release date toward the end of May 2021. The platform gained popularity after Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others used the platform to talk about stuff.
  • Huawei is working on transitioning more apps to its app store. It introduced a solution to turn GMS apps into HMS apps without a ton of extra work. The result would help more apps appear on Huawei’s AppGallery and give people more options aside from just Google Play. This news is mostly for developers right now, but it could have consumer ramifications in the future.
  • Plex raised $50 million this week. It wants to become the single pane of glass through which you view your entire media experience. It’s a lofty goal, especially with the proliferation of streaming services in recent years. However, the company already has deals with services like Crackle and intends to add to them soon. Hit the link for more details.
  • Telegram launched its own app a second time. This one is available outside of the Google Play Store. The new version of Telegram includes more features, automatic updates, and more. It’s a neat development since the Play Store prevents apps from doing a lot of stuff. Hit the link to learn all the new details.
  • Facebook has a dating platform and apparently not a ton of people use it. Independent research by The Verge showed that a ton of people simply don’t use the app. This could be for a variety of reasons. The Verge thinks it’s due to Facebook privacy issues, but frankly it might very be because people don’t even know where to find the dating portion of the Facebook app. In any case, it’s not the most popular option by a long shot.
New apps and games this week:


Price: Free to play

Disgaea is a mobile gacha RPG from the Disgaea universe. For those who don’t know, Disgaea is a tactical RPG and has been around for a very long time. The game features many characters from the games along with music and iconic destinations. It’s a giant nostalgia trip for fans of the series wrapped up in an above average gacha package. You get characters, build a team, and beat up the bad guys. It also features some helpful tools like a four times speed auto battle function for quick grinding. It’s pretty decent as far as gachas are concerned.


Price: Free

EKA2L1 is a Symbian emulator for Android phones. It features multiple versions of Symbian and it even lets you do things like emulate N-Gage games if you remember that old game system. The app is young. However, it runs a sizable number of games. There are also features like custom keymapping and framerate adjustments. We didn’t test this one for a super long time, but it worked well in our testing. It is the only N-Gage emulator on mobile that isn’t also an all-in-one emulator.

The Walking Dead: SurVivors

The Walking Dead SurVivors screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Price: Free to play

The Walking Dead: SurVivors is a free to play strategy game. It features many characters from the series along with some familiar mechanics. Players build a settlement, gather supplies, recruit surVivors, and defend themselves from other players. The game is pretty fun for the first few hours. Unfortunately, the difficulty ramps up pretty heavily at a point. Thus, many players feel this one is a pay-to-win game. It’s not, but it does get rather grind heavy and time consuming after a while. We hope the developers tune this one a bit to make it a bit less so. Until then, it’s just okay.

FCC Speed Test

FCC Speed Test screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Price: Free

Yes, the FCC came out with its very own speed test. It actually doesn’t work like traditional speed tests. The app runs in the background and takes random, periodic tests to see how good your speeds are over the course of the day. There are settings you can set so the app doesn’t use too much data. You can also manually test your connection if you want to. The FCC plans to use this data to map how good the Internet is in the US based on location.

Darkfire Heroes

Price: Free to play

Darkfire Heroes is the latest game by Rovio, developers of Angry Birds. This one is a fantasy RPG with 75 collectible heroes across six factions. Players gather their heroes and do battle with themselves and various other enemies. The game has a campaign mode, a PvP arena, boss fights, and plenty of other stuff to do. The game is a bit heavy with its microtransactions but patience and time can get you almost anything you can buy from them. It’s a reasonably decent game.

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