youtube version 10 (2)

YouTube is receiving a big update that freshens up the user interface and brings new editing tools, plus the proper display of vertical videos that we covered earlier this week.

Version 10.28.59 of the YouTube for Android app gives up on the familiar hamburger menu in favor of a new tabbed interfaced that makes it easier to reach the key features of YouTube. The three tabs of the new interface are:

  • Home – shows you recommendations based on your watch history, as well as videos from your subscribed channels and select music videos.
  • Subscriptions – here you can see the latest videos from your subscribed channels, as well as an interface that lets you browse your subscriptions.
  • Account – here’s where you can see your watch history, playlists, account info, notification settings and “watch later” videos. You can also upload a video from your device from here.

All of these options and features were previously hidden in the sliding side menu, which has been one of Google’s most loved design elements in the past year. So it’s interesting to see a major Google app return to a tabbed interface, though not that surprising, given Google’s notorious inconsistency when it comes to design.

youtube version 10 (1)

In addition to the rearrangement of the interface, you can now trim videos more easily, apply filters, and even add music to your homemade videos, right from the app. The interface for trimming is simpler and more intuitive; adding a filter is as simple as tapping on the icon and picking from the handful of options; as for music, you can pick from a selection of suggested tunes grouped by category and genre, or choose music from your own device. It’s a compelling proposition and we can see a lot of videos in the future taking advantage of it.


YouTube for Android v. 10.28.59 is now available in the Play Store. As usual, the update may take a couple of days to reach you, so patience is advised.