The Shadowgun franchise is recognized for its thrilling stories, action, and amazing mobile graphics. What comes next is expected to be the largest project Madfinger Games has taken on. We are all waiting to see more from Shadowgun Legends, and today we are getting a little something in the form of a nearly 8-minute gameplay trailer.

This is a pre-alpha gameplay screen recording, which means the game is still in its developing stages, but we are having trouble finding any hiccups or bugs. It looks silky smooth, and the graphics do look as amazing as we would expect. But of course, there is probably a lot Madfinger Games is not showing yet.

Though it’s a long video, this is but a small taste of what we will be seeing once the game is released. Keep in mind this is an MMOFPS. You will sign up as a Shadowgun and try to get as many bounties as possible. This will allow you to upgrade your gear and move forward in the game. Users will be sharing the universe with a plethora of other players, so don’t worry about being lonely in this online world.

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Ready to shoot some aliens? The game has been scheduled for a Q1 2017 release, but that is ending very soon. We are not sure the title will be making it to the Google Play Store before then. Let’s keep our eyes open for more details to come!