Ishan Agarwal

OnePlus has already hinted at its smartphone plans for 2019, but now a new leak seems to show, at least on the surface, the design prototype for one of these handsets. Noted gadget leaker Ishan Agarwal posted the image on his Twitter account earlier today.

The image shows what looks like the back of this OnePlus phone prototype, which can be seen in a presentation slide, along with an actual real phone placed on a meeting table. The most notable feature of this phone is that it has some kind of circular housing for its rear camera sensors, which looks similar to recent Motorola smartphones.

However, we are more than a little skeptical about this image leak than normal. As you can see, the photo seems to have been taken during a OnePlus executive meeting. Either the person that snapped the photo is getting in big trouble for exposing OnePlus’ next phone, or OnePlus leaked this photo on purpose (companies do this more than you think).

We do have confirmation from Lau that OnePlus is working on a 5G-based phone that will launch in Europe first, via carrier EE. We also know that the flagship phone for OnePlus in 2019 will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor inside. Which phone could it be? We have no idea.

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