Huawei P9 oppomart pic

If the pre-launch campaign for the Huawei P9 were a cruise ship, then you’d probably want to pass on buying tickets for a week-long getaway because this thing has been as leaky as the Titanic. The much hyped device features dual cameras on the back, which Huawei has been teasing for a while now with a playful ad campaign. However, the mystique and coyness of these advertisements has been somewhat undercut by the barrage of leaked footage we’ve seen of this device leading up to its April 6th unveiling.

We’ve just received our latest batch of leaked images from MyDrivers, and they confirm much of what has been seen in other leaks and what has been rumored. What do we know so far about the Huawei P9? Well, so far it looks like both the cameras on the back will be 12 megapixel components with the 5.2-inch display rocking a resolution of 1080 x 1920. The Kirin 950 chipset will benefit from 3GB of RAM to keep this baby purring, and the 32 gigs of internal storage will give you plenty of space to move around. The back camera will also feature laser focus and OIS, which is pretty nifty.

What are your thoughts on the Huawei P9? Is this sleek little device being overhyped, or is it going to be the next big thing? Let us know what you’re expecting from this smartphone in the comments below, and be sure to check back with us on April 6th to get the full scoop from the official unveiling!