Google pushed a new commit to the AOSP code yesterday and buried within the changes are some interesting references. First, we find reference to an unknown device called dorado that is mentioned alongside angler (Huawei Nexus 6P) and angelfish. While you might be tempted to think dorado is the Pixel 2, we already believe we know the codenames for the Pixel 2.

So what is dorado? While we can’t say for sure, 9to5Google recently pointed out that this could actually just be the Verizon Wear24, as some of the related kernel commits were created by Quanta, the manufacturer of the Wear24. Moving past dorado, the second reference visible in the commit talks about support for touch input in AOSP recovery.

As you probably already know, Android Recovery currently relies on hardware buttons to navigate and select options, whereas Android Wear has an entirely touch reliant input. Google adding touch support could simply mean that the company are aligning the AOSP recovery towards that of what is already present in Android Wear. Or it could simply be about improving the user experience and ntohing more.

While isolated the addition of touch input to AOSP recovery may not be anything significant it could mark the way for additional functionality in future builds. We’ll certainly keep an eye on future commits to see if any of these references are elaborated on to provide more context. For the full technical specs of the AOSP commit, head on over to the support page.