As more smartphones begin to support higher resolution displays, we will also see a rise in video and streaming services designed to use those bigger screens. This week, as part of an address during the 2017 Mobile World Congress trade show, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed the service will soon support HDR video streaming for smartphones, starting with the upcoming LG G6.

So what's up with the LG G6's 18:9 screen?

In addition, Netflix will soon roll out new video encodes for mobile devices, which will help folks with poor internet connections watch the shows and movies they love. These new video encodes will allow smartphone owners to stream up to 30 hours of Netflix video per month if their data plan has a small 2GB cap.

However, it’s the promise of higher quality HDR video streaming on smartphones that may get many potential owners of the LG G6, and possibly the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, very excited. We have already talked about how the 18:9 ratio display on the LG G6 can support watching original Netflix shows like House of Cards and Stranger Things on the full screen. Now we know they will also benefit from HDR as well.

Of course, the downside to those plans is that higher end video streaming features could also generate higher data use. That may be one of the reasons why the big US carriers all finally decided to offer unlimited data plans again for their customers. Also, the price for those kinds of video from Netflix is $11.99 a month, or $2 higher than the standard $9.99 a month fee, which only supports HD video.

Will you stream Netflix movies and TV shows with HDR if your smartphone supports it? Let us know in the comments!