Ah, that famous jingle, “Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that… YouTube Break?” Wait… that’s not right, or is it? Apparently, Nestle and Google are teaming up for a new partnership that will see the standard KitKat bar re-branded as the “YouTube Break” for a run of 600,000 candy bars in the UK and Ireland. This marks the second time Nestle and Google collaborated on such a project, the first time obviously being when Android 4.4 arrived as KitKat instead of the oft-rumored Key Lime Pie.

This time around, the re-branding is in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of YouTube and the 80th anniversary of the KitKat bar. So we know it’s too celebrate two anniversaries, but what exactly is the connection between YouTube and KitKat? At least according to Google UK’s David Black:

It’s great to see KitKat consumers are huge fans of YouTube and, along with our 1 billion users, regard YouTube as a favourite source of entertainment. With half of YouTube views now on mobile devices, ‘YouTube my break’ is a fun way for more people to interact on the channel and enjoy the best videos available. With up to 300 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, the top trending videos are likely to be changing all the time, making each new search as exciting as the last.

In addition to creating the re-branded candy bars, searching YouTube for “YouTube my Break” will also bring up the top four trending videos of the day, alongside a KitKat ad. As far as we can tell, the candy bar side of the promotion will not be seen in other markets like the United States, though we’ll be sure to update you if that changes.

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