Alongside the announcement of the all-new Nest Cam, the now Google-owned company has revealed its second generation Nest Protect smoke alarm. Available for pre-order for just $99, the Nest Protect (2nd Gen.) comes with a number of notable improvements that should help draw many consumers in to the connected home craze.

Nest Protect Black

The new Nest Protect is 11% smaller than the first version, and features a new design. Perhaps the biggest feature added to the new version is the ability to silence the alarm by using your mobile device. Many consumers complained about the first Nest Protect constantly giving off false alarms, so even if those problems aren’t fixed this time around (which they probably are), silencing the alarm will now be easier than ever. Nest says that the new smoke detector has a new smoke chamber, which is designed to help reduce false alarms.

It also has a new sensor that’s able to differentiate between fast and slow fires, as well as a handy humidity sensor that will halt the device from going off due to steam. Unlike normal smoke detectors that last anywhere between five or seven years at a time, the new Nest Protect comes with a projected lifetime of ten years.

You can now pre-order both battery-powered and wired models from Amazon, The Google Store and through Nest’s website for $99. If you choose to order through Nest, you’ll be able to score an exclusive Black model. Additionally, you can now purchase the original Nest Protect for $79 from The Google Store.

Buy the Nest Protect (2nd Gen.) for $99 from: Amazon, The Google Store, Nest

Buy the original Nest Protect for $79 from: The Google Store

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