There’s a new music visualizer that can float on your device’s navigation bar, dancing along to your tunes, while almost any music app is cranking them out. Dubbed Muviz, this navbar app is on the Play Store now and it won’t require root access to work.

Even if your device doesn’t have a navbar, you can still set Muviz’s visualizer to sit on the screen just above your hardware controls. And if you’re using an app that claims the space below the navbar, Spotify, you can have the visualization bar displayed above it.

Muviz comes with a library of visualizer designs, and its developer indicated that it’ll keep adding to that collection. You can also customize the colors of the visualizer. Customization options include the shape, sizes, and colors of the visualizer, and  you can also pick colors from your wallpaper if you’re one for consistency.

And if all of that isn’t a deep enough range of customization, Muviz comes bundled with a creation tool that’ll allow you to tinker with the finer details of the visualizer. It’s a free app and, again, you don’t have to root your phone or tablet to get it to work. And relatively speaking, it doesn’t ask for any suspect permissions.

If a Muviz installation is part of an effort to deck out a new device, or to update its apps, you might want to consider a music streaming app and service to serve up tunes for the visualizer. If so, check out our roundup and review of the best streaming apps available for Android.

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