You may have the app. You may have it as an add-on. Or maybe both. The chances are you’ve probably heard of Pocket, an incredibly popular app that lets you save articles, websites, photos, and videos so you can view them later across your devices. And it doesn’t even require Wi-Fi! This start-up, which boasts 22 million users, has officially been acquired by Mozilla after 10 years since its launch. According to the company behind the Firefox browser, Pocket will become a part of the Mozilla open-source project.

Pocket is a nifty app that works across Android, iOS, web browsers, and Kobo. Essentially, it lets you save websites so you can read them later whether you have an Internet connection or not, and you can even save directly from third-party apps like Twitter or Flipboard. It becomes particularly useful when you’re in a rush and want to save what you were reading for later, or if you’re about to get on a 12-hour flight and you just want to have a few things to read and watch to keep you entertained on the plane.

It becomes particularly useful when you’re in a rush and want to save what you were reading for later.

Well, today the company has announced that it will be joining forces with Mozilla. Although the details regarding the acquisition have not been revealed, Nate Weiner, CEO of the company, assures that it will continue to operate as a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of Mozilla and that its existing roadmap has only been reinforced. In terms of what Mozilla brings to Pocket, he explains:

How does Mozilla fit into this equation? We have worked closely with Mozilla as we partnered with their Firefox team, and established a deep trust with their team and vision. They have extraordinary resources, global scale, and reach to put Pocket in more places, and help us build an even better product, faster. Together we are going to continue expanding the reach of high-quality content, while staying true to the values that drive both Pocket and Mozilla alike: Protecting the openness of the web and creating a content platform built around trust and privacy.

Although terms of the deal aren’t available, it sounds like Pocket will continue to exist as we know it for the time being. Just under the Mozilla banner.

Do you use Pocket or any other read-it-later app? What are your thoughts on this acquisition? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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