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The best Motorola Edge 2023 cases

Keep your phone in pristine condition with a good case.
November 8, 2023
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The Motorola Edge 2023 offers a great mid-tier option for US consumers. Features like an IP68 rating, a 6.6-inch 1080p screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, and 68W charging really make it stand out. At $599.99, it isn’t a cheap phone either, though. You will want to protect your investment with one of the best Motorola Edge 2023 cases.

Motorola Edge (2023)Motorola Edge (2023)
Motorola Edge (2023)
Slim, lightweight design • Excellent battery life • Improved IP rating
MSRP: $599.99
The 2023 Motorola Edge looks and feels better than its price tag would suggest.
The 2023 Motorola Edge offers a 6.6-inch curved pOLED 144Hz display, MediaTek Dimensity 7030 SoC, 68W fast charging, and IP68 certification.
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Motorola Edge | 2023 | Unlocked | Made for US 8/256GB | 50MP Camera | Eclipse Black

The best Motorola Edge 2023 cases

Case manufacturers took their sweet time with covers for the Motorola Edge 2023. They have started showing up, though. We’ve searched high and low to find the very best ones.

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best Motorola Edge 2023 cases as more become available.

Motorola Protective Hybrid Clear Case

Motorola Protective Hybrid Clear Case

It can be nice to get accessories straight from the same manufacturer that created your phone. If that’s what you’re looking for, luckily, Motorola almost always makes its own phone cases. They happen to be pretty good ones, too. Sadly, they aren’t the most budget-friendly. In fact, this Motorola Protective Hybrid Clear Case is the most expensive option on this list of the best Motorola Edge 2023 cases, at $29.99.

This case offers a super thin, clear design that is meant to be almost invisible and still showcase your phone’s design without adding too much bulk. Motorola claims it’s “crystal clear” and has an anti-yellowing treatment. And despite it being so thin, the TPU and polycarbonate hybrid design makes it pretty sturdy. It was tested for 6-foot drops. Additionally, it should have no issues with wireless charging.

Cresee Case

Cresee Case for Motorola 2023

If you want something like the official Motorola Protective Hybrid Clear Case, but feel like its price is unfairly high, this option from Cresee is also one of the best Motorola Edge 2023 cases. It costs only $8.99, making it less than a third cheaper.

It’s still a pretty good case. It may not have been drop-tested for six-foot drops, but it is made of TPU and features raised edges, along with air-cushioned corners. The soft material is easier to put on and remove, if that matters to you. And it’s usually less slippery. The manufacturer claims it supports wireless charging.

Futanwei Slim Case

Futanwei for Motorola Edge 2023

Want a little more protection, while still keeping your phone looking the way Motorola intended? The Futanwei Slim Case is one of the best Motorola Edge 2023 cases, providing a clear back and darker bumper.

It has raised lips for screen and camera protection, and the manufacturer claims this has “military-grade protection.” It also has air-cushioned corners on a hybrid design made of TPU and acrylic. This case costs only $9.99, which is still a pretty good deal. And it’s available in four different color options: black, blue, gray, and clear. The manufacturer also says it supports wireless charging.

HFICY Cover Case

HFICY Case for Motorola Edge 2023

Now, we’ll move to even more affordable options. This HFICY Cover Case costs only $5.99 on eBay. It’s also made of TPU, but it has a thicker brushed design that makes it less slippery and protects it against fingerprints. The fiberglass-like sides also happen to look pretty cool, and you can get the case in red, black, or blue. The manufacturer claims it is shockproof and shatterproof.

This is a flexible case, so the images make it look sturdier than the case really is. This isn’t bad as long as you keep your expectations in check. Remember, this is a very affordable case. Oh, and you even get a free screen protector included! The seller does not mention wireless charging support, so ask first if you really care for this feature.

HFICY Leather Wallet Stand Cover

HFICY Leather Wallet Stand Cover for Motorola Edge 2023

Here’s something a little different. We know some of you like wallet cases. These often offer better protection, because of the extra material and front cover. Not to mention, some like the classic wallet look they offer. If you want to match, this one is also available in four colors: black, blue, red, and brown. And at $8.99, it is actually very affordable for what it offers. The internal holder is made of flexible TPU, and the rest of the wallet case is faux leather.

Apparently, the case has been drop-tested and should handle drops pretty well. Of course, you get all the other benefits of a wallet case. There is a larger bill pocket inside, as well as three card slots, of which one has a clear front for ID storage. The manufacturer added some cool features, such as speaker holes for calling with the case closed and magnetic closing, and you can use it as a phone stand.

Elubugod Case Cover

Elubugod Case Cover for Motorola Edge 40

The Elubugod Case Cover is one of the coolest-looking cases on this list, but we left it for the end for a good reason. This is not actually one of the best Motorola Edge 2023 cases; it is technically made for the Motorola Edge 40.

That said, these phones have the same dimensions. Some case manufacturers advertise that their units work with both the Motorola Edge 2023 and Edge 40. All that said, this one is from Amazon, which offers a nice return period in most countries, but also check that info. You know, just in case it doesn’t fit.

This is a pretty remarkable case, with a unique design that will turn some heads. Not to mention, the indented spaces make a nice grove for your fingers, and the soft TPU adds more grip. It features shockproof corner bumper cushions, which makes it pretty resistant. Available colors include black, blue, green, red, and purple. And the price is pretty low at $10.80.


The Motorola Edge 40 and Edge 2023 have the same dimensions and design. We haven’t tested this, but some case manufacturers claim these devices can use the same cases. If you’re going to do this, we would advise that you ask the seller, contact Motorola, or ensure the seller or platform has a good return policy. Just in case it doesn’t fit.

The Motorola Edge 2023 has 15W wireless charging, which many of you will want to take advantage of. That said, not all cases support wireless charging. This will likely be an issue if it’s thicker or has too much material in the back. Think wallet and rugged cases. Always check the product details or ask the manufacturer/seller first.

The Motorola Edge 2023 does not come with a case in the box. You will get the device, documentation, a SIM tool, and a USB-C cable.