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Moto X through Glass: Motorola exec filmed using the Moto X by Robert Scoble

Another day, another Moto X leak. The device made a surprise appearance in the hands of a top Motorola executive, in a video shot through Glass by Robert Scoble.

Published onJuly 12, 2013

moto x motorola exec Rick Osterloh

We’re really psyched about the Moto X here at AA, so when a rumor spread that the device would be shown off to a select group of journalists on July 11, we were pretty curious to learn more.

Naturally, the event hosted by Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki was private, but that didn’t stop one of the guests from posting a video of singer Daria Musk giving an impromptu performance for the gathering. The guest is Robert Scoble, whom you may know as an uber-geek and a noted fan of Google’s wearable computer Glass, which he used to record the video.

What’s interesting about the video, which Scoble posted on his Google Plus profile, is that the Moto X, the phone that the entire tech community eagerly awaits, makes a surprise appearance in the hands of a Motorola executive.

(For the full video of Daria’s performance and Robert Scoble’s antics head over to his post on G+. The video above is just a fragment we reuploaded to be able to embed it.)

The device that we think is the Moto X can be seen in the hands of Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice President for Product Management at Motorola. The video is not super clear, but it’s obvious for anyone who paid attention to the flurry of leaks from the past few weeks that Osterloh is holding Motorola’s much anticipated smartphone.

The device has the same curved profile that we’ve seen in the leaked shot of a fully assembled Moto X case, and you can easily spot the camera and the flash on the back of device. Just below them, is what appears to be Motorola’s “M” logo. The phone also matches the description of the Moto X in terms of size and finish.

moto x back

Motorola denied that the gathering hosted by Guy Kawasaki has anything to do with Moto X, but all clues suggest that the meeting was more than a friend reunion. Some of the guests, including Leo Laporte and Daria Musk, dropped hints that the gathering was hosted by Google, while Robert Scoble flat out said that participants “weren’t supposed to share anything about what [they] were doing there”. The presence of the person who probably leads the development of Moto X, Rick Osterloh, is a telltale sign that attendees came to see the device ahead of its official launch.

According to an alleged product map of Verizon that leaked yesterday, the Moto X may arrive on Big Red’s network on August 23, meaning that we still have a few weeks left to live with the hype. The Moto X is said to be focused on the user experience rather than specifications, and Google is reportedly fully supporting its development, with up to $500 million put aside for the marketing of the phone.

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