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10 mobile games begging to hit the big screen

AR game Ingress could be turned into an animated series. Here are some other games we think would make great TV shows or movies.

Published onJuly 12, 2018


Reports suggest that Ingress, an augmented reality mobile game made by the creators of Pokemon Go, is getting its own TV series. According to Variety, the show will be called Ingress: The Animation and will feature a storyline that overlaps with that of the game.

While this isn’t the first mobile game to be made into an animated feature — Rovio released both a web series and a movie based on its Angry Birds franchise — it is nonetheless rare for a mobile game to be made into a TV show or movie.

However, there are a ton of Android games out there, and we think that plenty of them could be turned into awesome movies or TV shows if given the chance. Here are our top picks for mobile games that would make great TV shows or movies!

End-of-the-world sci-fi movie: Anomaly Korea

Anomaly Korea

In Anomaly Korea, aliens have attacked Korea and it is up to humans to save what is left of the country. The game is full of cinematic set plays and battles resulting in a lot of destruction to the city that makes up the background to the game. It may not be the most subtle storyline, but if it isn’t the perfect game to make into a sci-fi blockbuster, I don’t know what is.

Spy movie with a fast-talking lead: Space Marshalls

Space Marshals

Space Marshals is a stylish, stealth-based action game where you guide a hero in his mission to stop a gang of criminals from destroying the galaxy. This makes it seem like a natural fit to turn into a spy movie franchise. However, as a sci-fi western, care would have to be taken to ensure it turns out to be more Westworld than Wild Wild West.

War movie with cool fight scenes: FZ9: Timeshift

FZ9 Timeshift

While the concept of soldiers attempting to save the world from a terrorist organization isn’t that original, the game’s use of bullet time means any movie based on FZ9: Timeshift could have plenty of Matrix-style battle scenes. It wouldn’t be the first movie adaptation of a game featuring bullet time, however. That honor goes to the 2008 movie Max Payne.

Psychedelic indie cartoon: Karma. Incarnation 1

Karma. Incarnation 1‘s eye-catching psychedelic style, produced using hand-drawn cel-shaded graphics, looks great. Add this visual style to the game’s story that involves a couple separated by evil spirits attempting to reunite, and it’s easy to imagine Karma. Incarnation being made into a cool indie cartoon series.

Stylish noir thriller: Framed

In a way, Framed already works like a noir cartoon as once you have rearranged the storyboard of each level, the game automatically plays out in front of you. However, adapting it into a fully formed TV series would allow the creators to go even deeper into the story.

Fantasy movie with a Viking twist: The Banner Saga

There are a ton of Android games that would make good fantasy movies. However, The Banner Saga gets the nod on this list not only because of its strong cast of characters and atmospheric visuals, but also because the world can always use another Viking themed movie or tv show.

Documentary: Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is in here not because the game would make a great movie, (did it even make a great game?) but because the story behind it is incredibly intriguing. How did the app get so popular in such a short space of time? Were the rumors of the creator buying fake reviews real? And what exactly did developer Dong Nguyen do with the reported $50,000 a day he was making off the game? These are all questions I’d love to see answered in a Flappy Bird documentary movie.

Flappy Birds is no longer available on Google Play

Prime-time quiz show: HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia featured image for real
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Quiz shows are always popular. What better game to make the jump to the evening quiz show slot than HQ Trivia? The popularity of the app already justifies the format, and the game’s video element means it surely wouldn’t take much to convert it into a fully fledged TV Show.

Zombie thriller: Into the Dead

Android Apps Weekly featured image

There aren’t many game to movie adaptations that have been more successful than the Resident Evil movies. Into the Dead could potentially follow a similar path by using the basic idea of the game: killing a load of zombies, and fleshing it out into a fully formed zombie thriller.

Bright kids cartoon: Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers - best games like temple run

A combination of bright graphics, a cast of cool young characters, and a story that involves escaping from a grumpy police inspector means that Subway Surfers already appears to have many of the ingredients required to make a hit kids TV show. The setting might have to change, though. Parents may not like their kids watching a show where the main characters skateboard in the subway.

Did we miss anything? What other games would make great TV shows?

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