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Meet the Devs - Deb

In this week's developer interview, we talk to Deb Starkar from India, a developer by day professionally and a developer by night on Android.

Published onFebruary 3, 2015

developer interview
Welcome back to our Meet the Devs segment! In this piece we take a little time to get to know the people who really make Android what it is today and that is the app developers. In this week’s developer interview, we are talking to Deb Sarkar.

Name: Deb Sarkar

Developer Name: Deb

Country: India

Social Media Profile/Page: Google+

How many people on your team? 1

developer interview

About your company?

I don’t have any company.

What level of experience do you have with coding and development?

I am coding for last 9 years. And I started android development for last one year.

What languages do you know? How and where did you learn them?

I mainly work with C/C++, sometimes Java, C#. I leaned C/C++ in my engineering time and java , C# in my professional time. I started programming with Visual Basic and Pascal when I was in 8th – from there I grew my interest. I learn a language when I need that. Like android(Java) I learned when I wanted to make my own apps & games for Android.

What level of experience do you have with design?

I am quite capable of designing any complex – simple application, since I worked as a designer for few years.

What apps have you made?

Initially I made Photo Effect Eraser, then I put my effort making Fun Photo Draw. Now I have just uploaded Debug, a casual game.

How do you monetize your apps?

I use Admob in free versions of my games.

Do you consider yourself successful?

No, not right now form sales making point of view, but I am successful to achieve what I wanted to make. It may be that needs more updates & redesign etc, but I am trying hard. So far I found users want some innovating apps – cool graphics. Since I cannot to hire graphics coders I am trying hard make money with existing apps. If users supports them I can bring cool apps & products for sure.

How difficult is it to make money as a developer?

It’s very hard to make money with apps. Since indie developers (like mine , I am the only one person) cannot do marketing / advertising so it’s difficult to reach more customers.

Why did you choose Android? Do you develop for other platforms? What are the differences between them?

I have been coding for last 9+ years in my profession and I grew my interest in coding from my 8th standard with visual basic. Every time I see some game I how it can be coded/ designed. I developed few games with Silverlight few years back for my own. Then when I bought an Android phone – I knew that I have to make apps and games for this beautiful system. Language does not matter for me(or any coder) – so I started. But in the middle of my first app development I found one wallpaper which was blur and one circle was cut from the blurred photo to make logo visible. Then I though I will make app to make photos like that. So I made Photo Effect Eraser- where you can do the same job.

What are your thoughts on iOS and Windows 8?

I do love iOS and Windows 8. May be one day I will also make apps / games for them too. But now I am dedicated to Android only.

developer interview

What are your favorite apps?

I love TSF Shell, Titanium Backup, Google Maps the most.

What does the future of development look like?

I will make more apps for sure along with that I obviously want to make games for Windows if I get enough fund/money.

What tips do you have for aspiring developers?

Don’t copy paste any idea you see. If you are developer you should respect others and respect what you do.

Developer interview wrap up

We want to thank Deb for chatting with us in this week’s developer interview! If you’re a developer and this looks like something you’d like to do, check out our Meet the Devs form! We look forward to hearing from you!

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