LEGO Life is a new app for Android and iOS where all LEGO lovers can create and share their virtual building sets on a child-friendly platform.

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LEGOs are making a huge comeback: I don’t know whether kids these days are going analog or if it’s those gentrification-loving, vintage-seeking hipsters, but it seems like LEGO building is the latest craze. Well, LEGO has opportunely launched a child-friendly social network where LEGO enthusiasts can interact with LEGO characters, get latest news, customize their newsfeed, and interact with fellow LEGO lovers. This safe space is aimed for those under 13, so hipsters: please let the kids have this one.

The company has actually worked with UNICEF to bring important safety features to this app.

The company has actually worked with UNICEF to bring important safety features to this app: first of all, kids need a parent or guardian’s permission to join the social network. And kids won’t be able to share information or photos that could be used to identify or locate them. Instead of having profile pictures, kids will get to customize their own LEGO avatars, and they cannot directly chat with other players online. The company also assures that usernames are generated for them, combining three random words:

The app includes its own custom emoji keyboard – and yes, you guessed it right – it’s all LEGO themed. Users can comment on other people’s LEGO creations, but these comments are moderated as to prevent online bullying.

Other than that, once you’ve created your avatar, you get to personalize your newsfeed: so the topics and groups you follow will be displayed once you open the app. These could be animals, superheroes, etc. There are also LEGO challenges where you can test your knowledge about LEGO characters and LEGO videos where you can watch mini movies and webisodes.

You can download the app from the Play Store by clicking the button below:

It looks like the reviews are split between five stars and one, the latter being – for the most part – children complaining that they cannot sign up because they are too young. It’s pretty entertaining to read the comments, if you have the time that is.