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There is a thin layer of divisiveness between aging hardware and software updates. While OEMs prioritize newer devices and then look to older ones, those who are sitting solid with the smartphones of old are left in wait. Things get even more difficult with carriers in certain areas are updating but not yours.

For Canadian customers using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the Rogers network, your time to shine is now in mind: Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now rolling out to your device. The update is around 1.5GB in size and will bring with it the latest build of Google’s mobile OS, 6.0.1.

Marshmallow, originally released last October to Nexus devices, contains numerous enhancements to the Google experience, including Now on Tap, which lets users scan their screen for relevant information and make it more productive, Doze, which seeks to better manage battery life during downtime, and granular App Permissions that give users more control over which app has access to what feature.

Rogers seems to be a bit on the slower end of things, not unlike various Marshmallow updates with AT&T in the USA, as rival carriers in Canada have long since pushed out the delicious confectionery to their network’s Note 4 handsets.

As the update has just now been made available, it may be some days or even weeks before it’s pushed to your individual device. To accelerate the process users can opt to hit the Settings menu, navigate to About Device, and then Check for Updates. Even doing this however, there is no guarantee the OTA will appear in which case waiting is best.

Alternatively there are sites that provide direct access to the OTA files however there are risks involved if a mistake is made in the manual patching process.

Are you on Rogers and rocking a Note 4? Have you received the update yet? Leave some commentary on your thoughts below!

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