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The best MacBook stand: What are your options?

Laptops are portable, but not as comfortable. Let's change that!

Published onMarch 10, 2022

Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand

The best MacBook stands can make your working days much more comfortable. Apple’s laptops come in various shapes and sizes, from the 13.3-inch MacBook Air to the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Luckily for you, the best MacBook stands can make your experience better, regardless of your device. Let’s take a look at them.

What makes a good MacBook stand?

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 review laptop in clamshell mode 2
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

Finding the best MacBook stand is a bit of a tricky feat, as not everyone will prioritize the same factors. Of course, aesthetics and build quality are definitely the main factors. We tend to like metal accessories for their durability, sleek looks, and lower weight. Some might prefer other materials, such as glass, plastic, or even wood. Additionally, you want to get the most value for your money, so cost is another thing to consider. Certain features and materials may compensate for a higher price, though.

We want to achieve a healthy balance, but there are other options you’ll want to think more about, based on what you want to get from your MacBook stand.

Angled stands are better for typing

You may notice a couple of main form factors in the world of MacBook stands: angled and raised.

Angled stands raise the back of the laptop. This makes an angle on the keyboard, making it more comfortable to type during longer sessions. It doesn’t do much for your back and neck problems, though.

Raised stands are better for your posture

Those who value better posture will prefer raised laptop stands, which bring the screen closer to eye level. These are also better for those who like using their MacBooks with an external keyboard, as they’re not using the laptop keyboard anyway. Keyboards can usually be angled, so getting a raised stand will complete the equation for maximized comfort and better posture. You can also use the underside of the stand for extra storage.

Do you need any extra features?

You may also want to look into features included in some MacBook stands. Of course, simply having a place for your laptop is nice, but there’s much more a MacBook stand can offer. For starters, some stands offer docking features, including ports and simplified charging capabilities. Others even have lights, and they can even have fans for cooling during heavy-processing sessions.

The best MacBook stands

Editor’s note: We will regularly update our list of the best MacBook stands.

Brydge Vertical Dock

Brydge Vertical Dock Best Macbook Stands

The Brydge Vertical Dock is one of the best MacBook stands for those who don’t need the laptop open when in a stand. This is for those who have a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse/trackpad for use while at home. You can leave this dock connected to your accessories through the dual Thunderbolt ports in the back. Pull your MacBook out of the dock when you are ready to become a road warrior.

Just keep in mind this MacBook stand doesn’t work with all Apple laptops. It fits 13-inch MacBook Pros from 2016—2020 and 15-inch MacBook Pros from 2016—2019. If you have one of those, you could take advantage of the Brydge Vertical Dock.

Rain Design mTower

This is a simpler and cheaper alternative to the Brydge Vertical Dock. The Rain Design mTower is an aluminum dock with no bells and whistles, but it has a unique design that will look great. It should also work with any MacBook instead of being limited to a select few.

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As it’s such a simple device, it lacks the more complex cable management you see in other MacBook stands. You will see the charger, monitor, and other cables running through. It’s still a clean and exceptionally well-built dock, though.

Rain Design iLevel 2

Rain Design iLevel 2

Traditional raised MacBook stands are great, but they can take up a lot of space and don’t always look as seamless on a desk. The Rain Design iLevel 2 takes on another approach, leaving the support on the front and giving you the ability to angle your laptop further.

It’s adjustable, which isn’t a common feature in basic stands. The aluminum design fits the Apple aesthetics very well, too. And the price is pretty accessible for what you get.

Soundance Laptop Stand

Soundance MacBook laptop stand

You know a product is good when it makes it to the Amazon bestseller section in its category. The Soundance laptop stand stands proudly on top with an affordable price point, a thickened aluminum body, and an elegant design. It also has rubber in the holder and bottom to ensure nothing gets damaged over time.

This raised laptop stand is clean and simple, focusing on the basics and getting every detail right. It’s also one of the most affordable options on this list of the best MacBook stands.

Twelve South Curve MacBook Stand

Twelve South Curve MacBook stand

The Twelve South Curve is an excellent alternative if you like minimalist raised laptop stands but prefer something less square. It also features anti-sleep pads that serve as protection against scratches. It will help keep the laptop cool, leaving 70% of the base exposed. And if you like the metal designs, this one is also made of aluminum.

Lamicall Swivel Laptop Riser

Lamicall Laptop Riser

The Lamicall Laptop Riser takes another approach to design. A single column supports the laptop stand, making aesthetics more minimalist and elegant.

Meanwhile, the laptop stand rotates, meaning you can easily turn around a computer for others to see. This alone makes it one of the best MacBook stands around, especially for people collaborating in an office. It’s also surprisingly affordable.

Grovemade Walnut MacBook Stand

Grovemade Walnut laptop stand for MacBooks

Laptop stands are valuable tools, but they’re not precisely lookers. Say hello to the Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand, which brings with it plenty of style. It has a walnut base, stainless steel top, vegetable-tanned leather lining, and natural cork feet. The result is arguably the most stunning MacBook stand we’ve seen. Thanks to its size, most laptops will fit just fine on the Walnut Laptop Stand.

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However, the large size prevents you from moving around the Walnut Laptop Stand too much. Also, you might want to look elsewhere if your MacBook stand budget isn’t very large. You have to pay to play if you want a MacBook stand made with higher-end materials.

Samdi Wooden MacBook Stand

Samdi Wooden Laptop Stand 1

The Grovemade stand is impressive, but it’s also quite expensive. Those who like the look of wood have a great option available from Samdi. This is one of the best MacBook stands for those who want a traditional look mixed with their high tech. It’s entirely made of wood and comes in two colors: walnut and birch.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2

While it’s technically made with Razer laptops in mind, the Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 is one of the best MacBook stands around too. Those who like gaming aesthetics will love the bold look of this product. It is black and comes with Razer’s RGB lights.

However, looks are not the only reason Razer charges you nearly $150 for this laptop stand. This product also doubles as a hub with two USB-C ports, two USB-A connections, and an HDMI port. This makes it easy to turn the stand into a docking station. You can expand functionality by plugging keyboards, mice, and other USB accessories into the stand.

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

If you do some heavier processing often, you may notice your MacBook getting a little too hot. This makes typing uncomfortable, and it harms your internals in the long run, not to mention it can also slow down your computer due to throttling.

The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB cooling pad has a large 200mm fan that actively cools your laptop. Additionally, it adds a healthy typing angle to your keyboard. Not to mention the awesome RGB lighting along the edges.


Q: How much should I pay for a MacBook stand?
A: Basic MacBook stands are usually pretty affordable, starting at about $30. Things get more expensive as you start looking at more complex designs and improved feature sets, though. Our most expensive options cost $150—$170. We think you shouldn’t pay that much unless you don’t mind overpaying for a premium design and added features. 

Q: Do I need a laptop cooling pad?
A: Laptop cooling pads are great for keeping components more adequately cooled, especially considering MacBooks are super thin and compact. This means components have less space for dissipating heat, so a little extra help doesn’t hurt. Most MacBooks will do an excellent job of staying cool on their own unless you really push them to their limits, though. A little heat shouldn’t be a problem if you’re doing everyday tasks and editing a video here and there. Consider a cooling pad if your computer is constantly reaching unhealthy temperatures, though.

Q: Are wooden laptop stands better?
A: Wooden stands are better-looking to those who like the natural aesthetics. These aren’t necessarily better in any other way, though. Wooden stands tend to be larger, heavier, more flexible, and less resistant than metal ones. Additionally, they don’t absorb heat as efficiently. If your computer keeps heating up, a wooden stand will keep the device hotter, while a metal one will help cool it down.

Q: What’s the best height for a monitor?
A: According to Ergotron, the best position for a monitor is when the top of the screen is directly at eye level. This will keep your back and neck healthier, especially when using a computer for long periods.

If you need more accessories for your laptop, you should also look at our lists of the best Thunderbolt docking stations, USB-C adapters, and keyboards.

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