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Kickstarter campaign for what could be the world's fastest charging battery pack

LumoPack is a new fast-charging, portable battery pack with a 140 watt charger. In just 9 minutes it can store enough power to charge a Galaxy S6.

Published onMay 20, 2015

We all accept, rather begrudgingly, that battery life is still an issue. And at the moment there is little we can do about it. Some of us have turned to portable battery packs which we carry around in case we need to charge our phones. There are lots of battery packs out there, and some of them have impressive capacities. However many of them take an age to charge-up. But what about a battery pack that in just 9 minutes can take on board enough power to fully charge a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S6?

If you want to support this Kickstarter then you can pledge $69 and you will get a LumoPack from the first batch at a 35% discount.
Thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign that could soon be a reality. The LumoPack is a new fast-charging external battery pack which can store a full charge for a large smartphone in just 9 minutes. For phones with smaller batteries the LumoPack’s charge time will be even less!

The key stats about this battery pack are: It has a 6000 mAH capacity, which uses Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) technology, more about that in a moment; it uses a 140W charger which means it can be fully charged in 30 minutes and store a full charge for a Galaxy S6 in just 9 minutes; the battery can sustain this level of performance over 1000 charge cycles, that’s 2-3 times the current industry standard.

What about this for a scenario. You get a call and your friends are coming to pick you up in 15 minutes, you just got time to get yourself together. But you look at your phone and it has around one third charge left. Will it survive the evening? Maybe not. So you quickly plug in the LumoPack, and before your friends arrive it will have power to charge your phone.


So what is this Metal-Organic Frameworks? MOF are a new class of materials that when used on the LiCoO2 cathode can enhance a Lithium-ion battery’s capacity, power, and longevity. The material is used as an advanced form of coating to increase the stability and performance of the LumoPack’s battery. The coating works as a protective and scavenging layer, which results in faster charging capabilities and increased cycle performance.

If you want to support this Kickstarter then you can pledge $69 and you will get a LumoPack from the first batch at a 35% discount. If you pledge $79 you will get a LumoPack plus a on-the-go carry case and some phone cables. The LumoPack is expected to ship in October of this year.

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