android 5 lollipop 2

Since Google released the factory images of Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Nexus 5, 7, and 10 yesterday, users have been scouring the Internet for the official OTA files to update their devices manually. OTA updates can take a long time, and darn it, we need Lollipop now!

If you’re tired of the ol’ “Settings>About device>System updates>Check now” waiting game, there may be an easier way around that. If you’d like to install Lollipop manually on your device, you can! Well, for select Nexus devices, anyway. So far, we’ve seen new OTA updates for the Nexus 5, 9, and 10, all of which you can download below.

Don’t want to wait for an official OTA update from Google? Here are the files you need to upgrade your Nexus to Google’s most recent of Android.

Nexus 5

Android 5.0 for Nexus 5 (hammerhead) – KTU84P to LRX21O

Nexus 9 (bugfix OTA)

Android 5.0 for Nexus 9 (flounder) – LRX21L to LRX21Q

Nexus 10

Android 5.0 for Nexus 10 (mantaray) – KTU84P to LRX21P

We’ve still yet to see OTA’s for the Nexus 4, 6 (bugfix OTA),  or 7 (2012 Wifi/3G and 2013 Wifi/LTE), though we know they’ll eventually roll out soon. We’ll be sure to update this post as more OTA’s are available. If you’ve never updated your device manually before, it may take a bit of time and know-how. We’ve created a guide to flashing updates to your device to help you out, if you so choose to use it.

If you’ve already gotten the Lollipop update, how are you liking it?