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Exclusive: Video shows how the LG Wing might tackle gaming, and it's awesome

If you want to get an idea of how game developers could use the Wing's secondary display, check out this new leaked video.

Published onAugust 28, 2020


  • Android Authority has obtained another video of the upcoming dual-screen LG Wing in action.
  • This new video — which appears to have been shot at the same time as the first — shows the Wing in a gaming mode.
  • The video gives us an idea of how game developers might utilize the secondary display on the phone.

Earlier this week, we published a leaked video of what appears to be a close-to-final version of the upcoming LG Wing. That video showed a driver using the primary display on the Wing for navigation while using the secondary display for a music player and answering calls.

Now, our tipster has sent us a second video. In this video, the car’s passenger is using the Wing to play a racing game in another new orientation, this time with the second screen on top. The main screen in landscape mode displays the full-screen game and on-screen controls, while the secondary screen shows a track map. While we haven’t seen anything to confirm it, it seems reasonable that other in-game elements like a rear-view mirror could also be displayed on the second screen in this way.

LG Wing: An interesting way to approach a gaming phone

LG has already launched phones with optional secondary displays, most recently the LG V60 and the LG Velvet. Gamers have adopted those phones specifically for the dual-display feature, which allows them more room for on-screen controls and other secondary elements of mobile games.

With the LG Wing, though, space is much more constrained on the secondary display, since it appears to be a 1:1 ratio and about half the size of the main display. However, this video shows how game developers could still make good use of that smaller screen. The idea of not having the progress map of a racing game clogging up valuable real estate on the main display makes perfect sense here.

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We can think of a lot of other fun ways to use the secondary display. One would be having a battle royale game like Fortnite, but all your character stats and weapon selections are on the secondary display. Conversely, you could just move the minimap (which occupies the upper left corner of the display at the moment in Fortnite) to the secondary display of the LG Wing. This would give Fortnite players a serious advantage as they would have a bigger map and be able to better see opponents on the field.

Interestingly, people who emulate a Nintendo 3DS on their phone would also love this, as it would essentially turn the phone into a makeshift 3DS. Again, we’re not sure how much developer support this would require (or if LG can secure it) as these ideas are a bit more involved than just displaying an entirely different app like in the original navigation video.

When is the Wing coming and how much will it cost?

LG Wing navigation mode second screen music playback Android Authority
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

We expect the LG Wing to launch before the end of the year, possibly as early as October. As far as pricing goes, we don’t know anything you don’t, but it doesn’t appear the phone will be cheap.

For more about the LG Wing, check out our rumor roundup. In the meantime, what do you think about the Wing as the future of gaming phones?

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