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In an industry where secrecy is the norm, LG is something of a contrarian. The Korean company likes to trickle out details of its upcoming flagships days, sometimes even weeks, in advance, and the LG G5 is no exception.

The latest tidbit that LG is revealing about the G5 is a smart cover that’s “answering the age old question – what came first, the smartphone or the cover?”

Metaphor abuse aside, LG’s Quick Cover is “designed specifically” for the upcoming G5 and comes with features like touch functionality that allows the user to take calls or silence alarms without opening the cover.

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The LG G5 Quick Cover features a semitransparent mesh cover, resembling the concept of HTC’s Dot View cover for the M series. The cover “incorporates a unique film with a glossy metallic finish to enhance the smooth and luxurious look and feel of the cover.” This finish is said to match the design of the phone, a silent confirmation of the rumors putting a metallic unibody on the G5.

We are positive that LG will let go of more details about the G5 over the next days, but there are some aspects that will remained unconfirmed until the February 21 launch date. Worry not, your curiosity can be satiated in our comprehensive LG G5 rumor roundup.

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