As LG marches ever-closer to its big G3 announcement on May 27th, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in the number of leaks and rumors related to the handset. Now a recent set of images for an upcoming case from Ringke gives us an even closer look at the overall design of the LG G3.

The front images of the case reveal the device’s display, which appears to be as edge-to-edge as possible. On the back you can see the redesigned power/volume buttons that we first learned about late last month. All-in-all, there’s not a lot of surprises here, but it’s nice to get a closer look at the handset’s design language. One thing that does stick out, however, is the opening at the top left of the case (looking from the back).

There’s been some speculation floating around the web that we could be looking at a stylus tucked away inside of the G3’s housing. In reality, it’s much more likely that the case was designed around the Korean version of the LG G3, which could pack a TV antenna just like its predecessor. While it seems odd that an international case maker would put up this version of the case on both Amazon and Amazon.de, it’s possible that they simply made a mistake.

LG G2's antenna

LG G2’s antenna

LG G2’s antenna, for comparison

If it is a stylus? There’s no denying that this would be awesome, but if LG were getting ready to experiment with the idea of a bundled stylus, you think that the 5.9-inch display on the LG G Pro 2 would have made for a better match. Then again, the timing would make sense to a degree.

A stylus would allow the LG G3 to be a direct competitor to the Galaxy Note 3, and yet its near-bezel-free design would make it small enough to still appeal to those that might otherwise pick up the Galaxy S5. In other words, the one LG device would basically be able to take on both of Samsung’s top devices to some degree. Let’s be honest though, the likelihood of this happening is probably pretty slim.

What do you think, would you like to see LG incorporate a stylus into the G3? Conversely, do you think it’s pretty much guaranteed that this is nothing more than a TV antenna?

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