lg g pro 2 second batch aa-20140312-077-4

When it comes to phablets, few – if any – will forget the Galaxy Note series. These days, Apple has also been seeing some positive power. For some however, LG is the place to be, and the G Pro line has provided all that the mainstay G series has lacked, namely a luxuriously large screen.

Despite rumors persisting of an LG G Pro 3, there is now talk that the company’s new management has decided to scrap the line all together, instead opting to focus on the G4 as the core flagship.

While the news hasn’t been confirmed by LG itself, suffice to say it wouldn’t come as a surprise if/when it does: the original Optimus G Pro was created as a larger counterpart to the original G. The G Pro 2, with its 5.9 inch screen, also gave glorious glances compared to the 5.0 inch screen on the standard G2. But the G3 has a 5.5 inch screen, and thus it’s technically a phablet already. For LG to pour resources into making something only marginally larger with similar specs would mean a lot of extra time and resources spent for a product that wouldn’t have a proper place. On the other hand, LG could try to make a 6 inch+ device (Galaxy Mega anyone?) but that’s probably out of the mainstream reach.

Still, with recent talk of the G Flex 2 starting to ramp up, perhaps there is still some magic left to long for!