According to The Korea Herald, Samsung is considering using LG Chem batteries on top of existing suppliers for next year’s Galaxy Note.

Samsung might launch the Galaxy S8 in April after MWC 2017

It’s being reported that the South Korean electronics giant is in the talks with its archenemy about potentially having LG Chem supply its batteries in the future, starting with the Galaxy Note 8. Although it’s easy to assume that this is due to the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle or some battery issue associated with Samsung’s suppliers, the likelihood of that is pretty low, in my opinion.

Currently, the company gets its batteries from its own division, Samsung SDI, and a Chinese company called ATL. Now, a majority of Galaxy Note 7 units initially used Samsung’s own batteries, and at first, Samsung suspected that these batteries were faulty. The company then replaced those with ATL-produced ones; however, battery explosions continued, meaning instead of batteries themselves, it’s more likely Samsung’s overly ambitious design and hardware that caused too much pressure on the phone’s battery, making it explode.

The reported plans to add LG Chem as one of its battery suppliers aren’t exactly to replace Samsung SDI or ATL.

This means that as a whole, the reported plans to add LG Chem as one of its battery suppliers aren’t exactly to replace Samsung SDI or ATL. Rather, my guess is that if the report is indeed true, it’s out of a financial reason or due to the company’s expected production scale. One anonymous claims that the deal is likely to happen:

The talks have not yet been completed but it seems highly likely for the two firms to sign a deal.

Whatever the case may be, The Korea Herald purports that these LG-supplied batteries won’t be found in Samsung devices until next year’s Note model. That means it’s unlikely that we will find them in the Galaxy S8. With rumors indicating that Samsung may be using LG Chem’s batteries – and probably in large quantities if it does solidify – the latter’s shares increased over 3 percent to around $220.

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