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Lenovo looking into crazy tech... and making videos about it

Lenovo is dreaming of a crazy tech world to come, and they are sharing what they envision for the future in the form of a few concept videos.

Published onJune 10, 2016


Lenovo always has plenty to show off at events. Seriously… their booths at events are flowing with devices; of course, their very own Lenovo Tech World conference couldn’t be the exception. They have already showed us a few Android handsets, one of them being the first Project Tango phone.

But new products are only part of what Lenovo had to show off. The company is dreaming of a crazy tech world to come, and they are sharing what they envision for the future in the form of a few concept videos. Let’s take a look at them.

Smart shoes

Everything is smart nowadays. From watches, pendants and rings, to clothing. We have seen smart shirts in the past, but Lenovo seems to think smart shoes are what’s really going to get you moving. Their concept smart shoes would be able to track your steps, use data to compete with other users, monitor your health and even integrate lighting for music & step interaction.

Foldable devices

We continue to dream about the day when flexible displays will be put into actual bendable products. Take a look at the video above. At first, you will be wondering if Lenovo’s video producers messed up their aspect ratios or dimensions. Then you notice these products start being folded and things make much more sense.

One looks like a long smartphone (reminded me of old iPhone jokes) that folds into a smart watch. The second looks like a Galaxy Note Edge, but it unfolds into a tablet shape.

Lenovo foldable smartphone and tablet concept hands on

Smart home

We have plenty of smart home products already available, but they tend to offer a bit of a messy experience. Many of them don’t work with each other out of the box; that is, if they do at all.

In this video, Lenovo shows a woman unlocking her front door with a retina scanner (embedded in what looks like a Lenovo tablet). Her lights and fan are automatically turned on, the thermostat is adjusted and the music is turned on with a simple voice command. The subject then answers a video call through what looks like a Nest thermostat.

She moves on to the bathroom, where she can interact with holographic content in her mirror. Things quickly move to the living room, where she puts on an augmented reality headset that highly resembles the Microsoft Holo Lens.

Wrapping up

For all we know, Lenovo could simply be having a blast making fun videos. Or they could really be working on these products; we at least now they have working concepts of the foldable smartphones. Only time will tell, as we don’t think any of these would launch soon. It’s always fun to see what the tech leaders imagine the future to be like, though.

Which of these 3 videos got your blood pumping? I am really digging the connected home concept.

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