Legend of the Skyfish

Puzzle games never fail to stir up the senses, especially if each level presents challenges that will boggle your wits and test your speed. Legend of the Skyfish is one such adventure game, serving up great controls and beautifully hand-painted environments and characters. And it’s now out for Android!

Released by Crescent Moon Games, the game follows the adventure of the fearless character Little Red Hook who sets out to defeat the villain Skyfish alongside Moonwhale. Using a fishing pole that doubles as a weapon, you will assume the role of Little Red Hook to overthrow Skyfish, who captured the fisher folks and turned them into slaves.

But the pole is much more useful than that. It can also act as a grappling hook to help you jump to another level or draw items toward you. The fishing pole and the character’s cloak can be upgraded to serve many purposes in your favor.

Legend of the Skyfish includes 45 handcrafted levels, an original music score by Sean Beeson and a gamepad support.

If you can’t help but fall nostalgic whenever you hear the classic maze adventure Legend of Zelda, Legend of the Skyfish is sure to crank up your enthusiasm. Since it’s basically a puzzle game, expect to encounter a bunch of boxes, switches and giant bosses that will come your way as you try to plod through each level.

If you’re looking for fun games to spice up your weekdays, might as well catch Legend of the Skyfish from the Play Store for $2.99 and let us know in the comments below what you think of the game.

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