When China-based LeEco announced it was going to start selling its smartphones in the US earlier this fall, it made the decision to go with the “flash sale” business plan. It only let people purchase its products in the space of a few hours. Apparently that plan didn’t work well so LeEco is now ditching the flash sale for a more traditional online US retail business model.

Starting today, the company’s LeMall.com web store is now open permanently in the US. Furthermore, it will sell the LeEco Le S3 and Le Pro3 smartphones and smart TVs at Amazon, Target and Best Buy starting on Thursday, December 1. This is definitely a switch for the business and it may show that it realizes that sales tactics that may work in China don’t necessarily work the same in the US.

This news comes as the company is also dealing with reports that its financial status is not quite on solid ground, although it did report recently that it raised $600 million in new financing. The company is one of several China-based smartphone makers that are trying to break through into the US market in 2017. Having its products sold 24 hours a day at big retail chains certainly won’t hurt, but it still remains to be seen if LeEco will stand out from this already crowded field.

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