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Is the lack of NFC a deal-breaker to you?

Is NFC a big deal to you? It turns out OnePlus believes most of you don't even care about it. Come in and let us know your thoughts!

Published onJuly 28, 2015

The recent launch of the OnePlus 2 gave us plenty to be excited about, but some of you where still a bit upset about some missing features. Namely, NFC, which has become standard in current high-end devices. This technology promises simplified transactions, transfers and other types of contact-less communications. The dismissal of said component caused much commotion among tech enthusiasts… but is it really something you will miss?

While it may seem rare to see a 2015 flagship smartphone missing NFC, statistics prove growth will be slow, with only about 64% of  phones shipped in 2018 expected to tout the chip. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be a huge deal yet, which takes us to the couple reasons why OnePlus would decide to get rid of it. First, remember the company is trying to reduce manufacturing prices, effectively transferring the savings to you – the customer. This may also be why they opted for a 1080p display. Secondly, because no one is using it (and this OnePlus mentioned, themselves)!


Part of this is because the industry is really holding this technology back. It was believed Apple would proliferate NFC payments with Apple Pay, and though there has been great improvements, we are not quite at an advanced NFC state yet. Unlike some Asian countries like China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan, where NFC is a fundamental part of their payment systems, the West is really falling behind.

My experience with NFC

I must say I am part of the statistics that deem NFC more of a gimmick than an actual feature. I have done my fair share of NFC payments, but only once or twice a month (just to be cool when the cashier is cute, really). In addition, I have about 10 programmed NFC tags all over my house… which I haven’t used in about two years. I don’t even have the necessary apps installed anymore! To me, NFC was a fleeting novelty I found no true convenience with.


For example, it takes about the same amount of time to pull out my phone instead of a wallet. Tags are convenient if you use them right, but it takes time to set up everything. And why do that now, when there are other methods for automating your devices and tasks? Plus, most times I was just toggling WiFi and Bluetooth on/off, which now takes a second to do.

The lack of NFC is no deal-breaker to me, but that is only because of the sub-par support. I would like to see truly adopting this technology and taking it to the next level. Only when you see NFC payments in buses, trains, all stores, etc., will this venture really take off.

Is NFC a deal-breaker to you?

Now, let’s get back to the real question. How important is the addition of NFC to you? Do you actually depend on it? Also, would you be willing to adopt new practices in order to live with the OnePlus 2? Answer the poll below and hit the comments to let us know your thoughts in more detail!

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