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Financial analyst says up to 1.4 billion Android users could want an iPhone SE

A well-respected analyst posits that half of worldwide Android users could think about switching to the iPhone SE (2022).

Published onDecember 14, 2021

  • A financial analyst for J.P. Morgan says up to 1.4 billion Android users could think about switching to the iPhone SE (2022).
  • While there will certainly be some switching, that 1.4 billion number is half of all Android users globally.
  • Despite the analyst’s pedigree, we think this outcome is incredibly unlikely.

In the world of stock trading, a financial analyst with a good track record can send stocks soaring just by making a simple prediction. Sometimes, these people have such a grip on the market that what they say is taken as gospel.

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Something tells us Samik Chatterjee should not be one of these people. In a recent report for J.P. Morgan (via Reuters), Chatterjee posited that up to 1.4 billion Android users could be enticed to switch to the iPhone SE (2022). The expected new iPhone will likely be the first SE model to support 5G connections while still keeping its low price.

iPhone SE (2022): Capturing half of Android?

According to Google itself, there are around three billion active Android devices around the world. Since people own multiple devices, the current estimate is there are around 2.5 billion Android users globally.

In other words, Chatterjee thinks it’s possible half of all Android users could think about switching to the iPhone SE (2022). Half.

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Chatterjee’s defense for this prediction is the idea that the new budget-minded iPhone could snatch users who rely on Android only because they can’t afford a 5G iPhone. Once the iPhone SE (2022) drops, though, there could be more people jumping ship than we’ve ever seen before.

Of course, Chatterjee seems to be forgetting that there have been two other iPhone SE models. Although they didn’t have 5G connectivity, they still didn’t create a massive migration of Android users. Not to mention that if half of all Android users just wanted to be on an iPhone, we would see Android’s market share shrinking year-over-year. But it’s not, it’s growing.

My prediction is the iPhone SE (2022) will be a big hit, and maybe a few million Android users will switch. However, Chatterjee is rated with five stars on Refinitiv Eikon for his estimate accuracy. So maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.