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iPhone Notifications: Banner and bubble notifications like those on the iPhone's iOS 5


Published onJune 4, 2012

Admit it–at one point or another, you’ve wanted to sport an iOS feel on your Android device, most especially some features of iOS that are currently not available on the Android platform. Apple and Google had already been in a fierce competition before. They even went to court, with Apple protesting that Google copied some elements of iOS user interface. Google, on the other hand, also filed a copyright infringement stating that Apple did the same.

Nevertheless, iOS and Android are both wonderful platforms and you could never compare apples and oranges, but at the same time, they share common characteristics. You can never have the best of both worlds, but this cliché will soon change as users taste a bit of iOS goodness on their Android devices.

Android and iOS are two different worlds, each having its own set of pros and cons. Nevertheless, they have special features exclusive to their ecosystems. Thanks to the numerous apps on the Google Play Store, getting that iOS feel on your Android phone is now possible.

iOS 5’s notification bar–or, at least, something that looks and functions like it–can now be replicated on any Android device. If you have always wanted to have that bubbly notification effect, then look no further with the iPhone Notifications app for Android.

Developed by Productigeeky, they are also the same company responsible for delivering NotifierPro, an app that breathes iOS notifications on your Android device.

iPhone Notifications for Android is one of the best apps in the market today that offers a very realistic and sleek iOS feel for users who want a dash of iOS on their daily serving of Google’s tasty treat.

The app developers claim that the app is noteworthy for greatly improving how your Android device displays its notifications. If you have already tried NotifierPro, then you won’t be surprised about how iPhone Notifications pretty much resembles the latter.

iPhone Notifications offers the iOS feel with the notification and bubble sitting pretty on top. Every time you receive a notification, a bubble alert will quickly display on top of your screen and shows you important information regarding that alert.

For instance, if someone communicates with you using Google Talk, a bubble message will show up together with the name of the person, the contact’s message, and a small Google Talk icon beside it.

The lite version is limited to displaying notifications but you can always upgrade to the pro version that pitches in additional features. The paid version lets you display full notification text, choose themes, set custom vibration alert patterns and even set individual settings for each application.

In a nutshell, iPhone Notifications is like the exact duplicate of the developer’s other app, NotifierPro. The only difference is that this app has an “iPhonish” feel that will make your Android phone feel like it’s part iOS. If you are tired of having the same notification design popping-up on your phone then why not enhance your experience by downloading iPhone Notifications?

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