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First season of Ingress: The Animation now available to watch on Netflix

The first season features eleven episodes, all of which are dubbed in English.

Published onApril 30, 2019

If you’ve been waiting for news on the Ingress: The Animation anime series, today’s your lucky day — you can now watch all eleven episodes of the show’s first season on Netflix.

Ingress: The Animation is based on the Ingress mobile game and follows Makoto Midorikawa, a special police investigator that can read the memories of anything he touches. Makoto is investigating an explosion at a research laboratory that was looking into a substance called Exotic Matter (XM).

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The sole surVivor is Sarah Coppola, who lost her memories and can see events taking place across time and space. Makoto and Sarah then become embroiled in a conspiracy that involves a sketchy corporation, XM, a resistance movement, and plenty of running.

There’s also a third character — Jack Norman — who’s a former mercenary and follows Sarah. Norman’s “Flash Forward” ability lets him see into the future.

Ingress: The Animation features an original plot, though it shares some commonalities with the Ingress and Ingress Prime mobile games. For example, the show features the Enlightened and Resistance factions that are seen as opposing sides in the games.

You can go here to watch Ingress: The Animation. You can also download Ingress Prime at the link below.

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