Building mobile applications need not be costly and can even be free, thanks to Infinite Monkeys‘ app builder called The Machine. The self-service, drag-and-drop platform requires no coding, thus it is a great option for small businesses and independent personalities who don’t have enough budget to keep up with the advertising efforts of popular brands in the market and yet would want to have a mobile presence.

All free apps published are available for download in their very own Monkey Market.

Getting Started

Making apps in The Machine can be done in three steps. Set the title, background image, color settings, and app demographics in Step 1; drag and drop icons of items that you want to be accessible in your app in Step 2; and provide information for publishing in Step 3.

For a free app builder, The Machine offers a wide array of tools that you can include: feeds from news sites and your social networks, media like photos and videos, location services, and contact details. Depending on the nature of your business, you can add restaurant menus, music tracks, sports team details, events, and even a community.


Infinite Monkeys also offer paid packages: $49 if one will opt to publish the app in one external market like Android Market and $499 if one does not want advertising included in the app–not bad for creating an app without any coding.


The Machine’s merits is in providing what it promises: no-hassle app building, no coding required, app built in no time. Since the service is free, its limitations like fonts and colors available are expected, but overall, the benefits override the drawbacks, especially considering its target market.

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