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Indie app of the day - CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator

Today's indie app of the day is a nifty calculator app called CALCU. It's a productive app with some unique features you don't see in other calculators. Check it out!

Published onMarch 13, 2014

calcu indie app of the day

What is CALCU?

CALCU is an indie app that was developed by a couple of developers. It’s a calculator app so obviously you can expect it to do calculator type functions. This means you get the basic arithmetic, algebraic, and trigonometric functions that you’d see on pretty much every other calculator.

Where this calculator shines over other calculators is the design. CALCU has just under a half a dozen themes so if you want something dark, light, or colorful you have that option. You can swipe down in the main interface to see your calculation history and even select an answer you did previously to work with it again. You can also swipe up to gain access to additional keys and functions. If you’re into trying out their Labs section, you can redefine swiping up and down to do calculations and to clear data.

The interface is very Holo so when you’re in menus there are swipable tabs and everything looks sleek and good. The themes all seem to fit together very well and the calculator looks very nice. One feature that’s strictly a design element is the calculator will calculate in real time as you enter numbers which looks really slick.

There are a few issues with CALCU. Sometimes recalling prior things you did gives an error and if you’re in the middle of a difficult equation you should be sure to pay attention to that. Also, it appears as though some people are getting a wholly different version than others. On my Nexus 7, I got the version where you have more keys and more customization but on my Galaxy Note 3 I had what appeared to be a scaled down version. If you give this a try and you’re willing to fork out the $2 for the premium version, make sure you have the proper version first. The scaled down version is still nice but not nearly as nice as the regular version.

calcu indie app of the day

Final thoughts

If you don’t end up with the scaled back version then this is an amazing application to have. It is well designed with a lot of color choices and more than enough functionality to replace the stock calculator app. There are a few bugs but it is a newer app developed by two people so that’s kind of expected. We’re anticipating that these bugs will eventually

Get it on Google Play
be fixed. It’s free in the Google Play Store and you can get the premium version for $2 via in-app purchase if you so choose. If you’re interested, check the button to get started.

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