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Indie app of the day - BloodNGuns

Today's indie app of the day is BloodNGuns. In this top-down zombie shooter you'll face a never ending zombie horde complete with plentiful blood and guts.
March 14, 2014

What is BloodNGuns?

BloodNGuns is probably one of the most apt names for a game we’ve encountered because that is pretty much what you get with this title. It is a zombie shooter where you walk around, pick up guns, and shoot a boat load of zombies. There is blood everywhere, zombies everywhere, constant power ups so you can kill off zombies faster, and even progressive difficulty so it gets harder the longer you stay in it.

The game play itself is reminiscent of an old school Contra game. It’s a top-down shooter with the controls being two joysticks. One controls which direction your character moves while the second changes what direction they face. The developer has also included controller support, immersive mode for Android 4.4 devices, dynamically generated backgrounds so the game feels less stale, and up to 12 game modes. For being such a simple game there is actually quite a bit to do.

In the game modes you’ll find variants that range from super easy mode for beginners to super hard mode. There is also a shotgun and TNT-only variant, a mode where wizard zombies throw fireballs at you, and an “all of the above” mode that’s simply ridiculously difficult. The graphics for the game aren’t something you can write home about, but they do more than good enough to convey the premise of the game. Your character and zombies are easy to see and the blood is very easy to see.

Aside from the average graphics, there really isn’t anything wrong with this game. Early reviewers are reporting no device compatibility issues although we’re sure they exist somewhere. The various game modes serve only to make the main game play of BloodNGuns more interesting because in pretty much every mode you’re just walking in circles and shooting zombies. It is a time waster game and by no means a full and complete game so don’t go downloading it with high expectations.

BloodNGuns indie app of the day

Final thoughts

Overall, this is a free game in the Google Play Store and that makes it a good value. There is one in-app purchase to remove advertising so the game you download is the full game with all of the features present. We liked that a lot. If you want to relive the days of the Sega Genesis with some old school top-down shooter goodness, this is

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an excellent game to try out. Like we stated earlier, the game is called BloodNGuns and the game fully lives up to its name. If you want to try it out, click the button to see it.