We reviewed the Huawei Watch 2 only a couple of weeks and praised its incorporation of NFC for bringing Android Pay into the mix. Though that did offer a reasonable reason to upgrade from the previous smartwatch, this latest news might have quashed that incentive.

According to AusDroid, who received the information direct from Huawei, the original Huawei Watch does include an NFC chip, it just isn’t active yet. Apparently, Google’s Android team are now testing Android Pay functionality on the watch which may roll out with an update later.

This may not be included with its incoming upgrade to Android Wear 2.0, but AusDroid suggests it could arrive sometime in Q3.

Huawei hasn’t made an official announcement regarding this yet, so we’ll have to treat the information as speculation for now. If it is accurate, however, this would be seriously good news for owners of the Huawei Watch. Once Android Wear 2.0 lands on it, NFC and LTE would provide the only major functional differences between the Huawei Watch and its sequel. And half of that would be eliminated.

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