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See what’s next from HUAWEI during its HDC live streams

The HUAWEI Developer Conference is taking place from September 10 to 12, and we have an inside look at what’s coming next.

Published onSeptember 8, 2020

HUAWEI App Gallery icon in a HUAWEI app drawer
Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Developer conferences just might be the most exciting time of the year (sorry, Christmas). We’ve already seen a laundry list of launches and announcements at IFA, but now it’s HUAWEI’s turn to offer a peek behind the curtain. Its exclusive HUAWEI Developer Conference is taking place from September 10 to 12, and we have an inside look at what’s coming next.

HUAWEI holds its developers’ event annually, and this year’s big conference will be sharing the latest on HMS Core 5.0, EMUI 11, and — most excitingly — HarmonyOS. For you keen beans, check out the agenda here.

You’ll also be able to watch all of the live streams on the official HDC page, as well as on HUAWEI Mobile and AppGallery’s official Facebook accounts. It all kicks off on day one with a keynote from HUAWEI’s CEO, Richard Yu. Up next is the product launch session (more on that later) and then the real nitty-gritty on day two.

Ready to jump into specifics? Here’s a bit more on what we’re looking forward to.

Exciting developments in HMS Core 5.0, HarmonyOS, and EMUI 11

HUAWEI will be sharing its latest developments on HMS Core 5.0, as well as giving new updates about HarmonyOS and EMUI 11, unveiling many more exciting technologies.

Bringing together the hardware advantages of various HUAWEI devices, HarmonyOS breaks the physical boundary between individual smart devices and enables consumers to operate in the smart-era of all scenarios. At HDC, HUAWEI will announce how it is accelerating the development of HarmonyOS to enhance the intelligent experience for every use case — including smartwatches, smart cars, and more.

HUAWEI will also announce the latest on its HMS Core 5.0 open capabilities. It’ll showcase HMS Core 5.0 services in seven major areas (app services, graphics, media, artificial intelligence (AI), smart device, security, and systems), highlighting HUAWEI’s leading hardware capabilities to developers and elevating the user experience.

Finally, HUAWEI will also talk about the latest update to its Android-based EMUI 11 mobile interface, so keep your eyes peeled.

Revolutionized gaming with the AppGallery

HDC Gaming

Day two kicks off with a deep dive into more topics including gaming. The mobile gaming industry is in a serious boom right now with so many people spending extra time at home, and developers are looking to AppGallery to capitalize on global marketing. HUAWEI keeps bringing new developers and partners on board to boost its offerings and really just help everyone have a little more fun.

A conference isn’t really complete without some in-depth look at the future, and HUAWEI’s new GameCenter is a pretty good idea of what’s to come. It’s a one-stop platform that takes the full spectrum of games into consideration to keep gamers locked in and enjoying themselves.

The AppGallery and GameCenter wouldn’t be complete without HMS Core — HUAWEI’s open-source development platform. It offers full-spectrum support as well as access to cutting edge kits and engines like the Cocos Creator. We’re expecting even more details as HDC draws closer, but there should be plenty of game previews to keep us playing for a while.

Boosted e-commerce with the HMS Core


We’ve mentioned HMS Core already, but it’s useful for far more than just games. It’s also helping to revolutionize e-commerce, which has pretty much taken over as the main form of shopping. HUAWEI has once again been forging partnerships to help businesses optimize their setups and work towards a more efficient future.

The pandemic has been keeping shoppers out of dressing rooms, and that makes it pretty tough to try on clothing. HMS Core is packed with tools that bring AI and AR functionality to a wide variety of apps so you can try on just about anything you like. There are almost too many developer kits to list, but it’s just part of what you can learn about at HDC.


Smarter travel with next-generation apps


Ridesharing is a massive multi-billion-dollar industry, and the ideas behind it are experiencing globalization. From new food delivery apps to bike-sharing, AppGallery is bringing new lifestyles to users around the world. Yet again, HMS Core is at the heart of much of this and many other developments.

You’ve probably already figured out that there are a number of partnerships in place, and it just means that more brands are infusing themselves with HUAWEI’s strengths. We don’t know exactly what HDC will hold in terms of previews, but working with developers and partners to make the world a safer — and smarter — place sounds like a pretty good start.

New devices across the board

HDC splash

We can’t pretend to know all of the devices that HUAWEI has under wraps — after all, where’s the fun in that? If this tweet is any indication, we might be looking at everything from laptops to smartwatches and new audio gadgets.

At the very least, we’re looking forward to more information about HUAWEI’s Watch Fit and Freelace Pro. Both have already enjoyed soft launches in select markets. The Watch Fit sounds like it should live up to its billing as a fitness-focused wearable, hopefully with solid battery life.

Our early hints at audio equipment come from the Freelace Pro, which is a connected set of Bluetooth earbuds. We’ll just have to wait and see how they stack up in terms of battery life and noise-canceling — they might be good competition for the FreeBuds 3.

The last teaser HUAWEI offered us was a hint at new laptops, and we can only hope that they keep up the premium trend set by the Matebook line.

If you’re ready to learn a bit more, then it’s time to check out the link below. On September 10-12, this same link will take you directly to the live stream.


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