Nexus 9-11

HTC may have been out of the tablet market for several years, but the newly released Nexus 9 is an unmistakable mark of intent – HTC is back in the tablet game. Building on this solid foundation, HTC will be unveiling its own brand of tablets next year, but they won’t come cheap.

Speaking at an earnings conference call a few days ago, HTC Chief Financial Officer Chang Chia-lin revealed that the company plans to launch its own-brand of tablets sometime in 2015. He also mentioned that HTC was considering co-branding opportunities to further its brand appeal and help with the company’s long term growth.

Additional details on HTC’s tablet plans came to light today while HTC North Asia President Jack Tong gave a press conference in Taipei. He stated that HTC has little interest in competing in the low cost tablet market, as the profit margins are far too slim. His comments were aimed at tablets priced NT$5,000 (US$164) and below.

“There is actually a bit more room for growth and product differentiation in the high-end and mid-tier tablet segments,” – HTC North Asia President Jack Tong

Instead, Mr Tong was much more optimistic about the growth prospects in the mid and high-tier tablet markets. Specifically in the larger size brackets, where he believes that sales of large 5.5-inch smartphones haven’t diluted the traditional tablet formula.

It seems that HTC is looking to steer clear of the low-cost 7-inch tablet segment and is instead planning to release a larger, premium tablet range under its own branding, which will most likely build upon the hardware achievements made with the new Nexus 9.

Neither the size nor the price will be small, but I’m eager to see what else HTC has in store for the tablet market.

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