The Android Nougat update for the HTC 10 in Europe has been stopped. Again. If you’re getting a little deja vu here, that’s probably because the same thing happened about two weeks ago. Apparently the bugs found and squashed in that first update hiccup weren’t all of them.

HTC’s product and services director for EMEA, Graham Wheeler, just announced the Nougat rollout in Europe has been “paused” once again while the company “looks into a technical issue”. Unfortunately, he doesn’t expect the HTC 10’s mainland Europe rollout to resume until some time next month.

Wheeler was quick to pre-empt his “No Nougat for mainland Europe” tweet with news that Nougat is now available in the UK, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East. With ZTE, Sony and others delaying or halting their Nougat updates recently too, we’re beginning to wonder if this is all just a coincidence or if there could possibly be a larger problem at hand.