htc one m9

The blogosphere is ablaze with leaked images and product videos that allegedly show the HTC One M9, due March 1. Now a comment from HTC’s global head of communications suggests we are yet to see the real good stuff.

One could interpret this tweet in two ways – it could be a tacit acknowledgement by Jeff Gordon that the leaks that have been making the rounds over the past days are real. The HTC exec may be trying to preserve some excitement for the Sunday event by hinting at some of the other devices that HTC has in store: a fitness band developed together with Under Armour, an Ultra (Max?) version of the M9, or something else.

But the tweet can also be read as a hint that the leaked videos are sending us on the wrong path, and that the real M9 will be different. Fans of conspiracy theories who still believe everything is a giant ruse by HTC (or a plain misunderstanding) will probably find some hope in this tweet.

Personally, I lean towards the first explanation – HTC is likely trying to salvage what it can by focusing on the announcements that haven’t leaked yet. Especially because the reactions to the M9’s M8-like design have been largely negative.

What do you think? Are you still hoping for a new design? Do you think HTC can really surprise after all?