HTC One M9 render (10)

With a little over a week to MWC, HTC USA took to Twitter to tease the arrival of something positively massive.

At first blush, this looks like a run-of-the-mill teaser for the One M9. HTC surely hopes that the M9 will be a massive hit, and it’s not the first time the company’s promising “huge” products for 2015.

However, “huge” could have a way more literal sense if we think about the Ultra (or Plus) version of the M9 that has been rumored to launch on March 1 in Barcelona.

While the M9 has been thoroughly leaked by now, we know a lot less about this larger device. The M9 Ultra is supposed to feature a display of around 5.5-inch (compared to 5-inch on the M9), but it’s not clear if the device will be Full HD (like the M9) or, less likely, Quad HD. We expect the Ultra to preserve the general design and functionality of the M9, with one twist – the presence of a fingerprint sensor. Like its predecessor, the One Max, the M9 Ultra may have a fingerprint sensor, but if this render published by @evleaks is accurate, the feature will be re-located to the front of the phone.


Oh, and there’s this other theory, coming from HTC’s head of communication Jeff Gordon.


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