HTC’s 2015 flagship – the One M9 – might seem like ancient history, particularly with today’s announcement of the U11, but it was still slated for an upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. Thankfully, it appears that AT&T is set to deliver the update to its customers in the very near future.

Before you run to Settings to manually download the update, it does not appear to be live yet. AT&T did update its page for the One M9 to reflect the Nougat update, so it should be available as an OTA within the week. When it becomes an OTA, One M9 owners have plenty to look forward to, such as bundled notifications, quick app switching, two apps open at the same time, and changing the display size, among many others.

Unfortunately, the security patch level only goes up to February, so those who prioritize security might be a bit disappointed. The Nougat update also weighs in at just under 1.4 GB, so it might be best to download it over Wi-Fi.

When we took a look at the One M9, we thought it was one of the better phones at the time. Even so, its lackluster camera and sharp edges dulled what might have otherwise been a winner on HTC’s part. Even with the U11 right around the corner, the One M9 is still a good option, though its software update timeline is drawing to a close.

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