htc one m9 86

On March 25th of 2014 the HTC One M8 hit store shelves in various markets and through various carriers, priced at $649. Despite being announced after many of its competitors, HTC still managed to get the phone into consumer hands ahead of the competition. Now with the One M9, it seems that HTC may be set to (somewhat) repeat itself.

A new ‘leak’ from retailer B&H Electronics has surfaced, indicating that the One M9 32GB variant will cost $649 and will start shipping on March 25th, just like its older brother. Not only is the pricing and date in line with the One M8, if the retailer is correct, that means HTC will once again beat the latest Galaxy S to market. Of course it is important to note that we can’t confirm the validity of the price or date in B&H Electronics’ listing. After all, these could simply be placeholders. That said, we wouldn’t be too shocked if this leak proves to be accurate.

With the One M9 coming under criticism for doing little, design wise, to set itself apart from the M8, it remains unseen how well the One M9 will be received. However, with that Samsung Galaxy S6 expected to price higher, the M9 could still find success among those who want a high-end 2015 flagship and don’t mind a design rehash.