htc one m8 launch aa (13 of 27)

Over the last year or two, Motorola and HTC have established a rep for being the quickest OEMs when it comes to updating flagship devices to newer versions of Android, but that’s apparently not the case with Android 5.1 — at least as far as HTC is concerned. While Samsung has already reportedly jumped ahead to Android 5.1.1 with the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC has taken to Twitter to reveal that we probably won’t be seeing Android 5.1 with Sense 7 on the One M8 until at least August.

The official HTC tweet actually comes from the UK branch, but it’s safe to assume a similar timeline will apply globally, with US carriers models being some of the last to receive the update.

HTC also mentions the update for the One M7, only saying that “nothing has been confirmed” for the device so far. Considering the M7 is getting up there in age, don’t be too surprised if the One M7 doesn’t make the leap forward to Android 5.1.

Considering the 5.1 update brings a number of fixes to the table that should improve the Lollipop experience, it’s a shame that we have to wait this long. Then again, it’s possible that HTC is just playing it safe with the timeline and could end up releasing it sooner.

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