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Back in July, HTC confirmed that Android Nougat will be coming to its HTC 10, One M9, and One A9 smartphones. Now that Nougat is here, the company has given us a rough idea about when these updates will be arriving. Unfortunately, HTC is going to miss its self-imposed 15-day deadline for updating its One A9.

Originally, HTC launched the One A9 with the promise that it would receive key Android upgrades within 15 days of every Nexus update. Well the Android 7.0 Nougat factory images and OTA updates for Nexus devices started rolling out on August 23rd, which would give HTC until September 6th to begin pushing out its own update for the One A9. Sadly, the company inadvertently confessed that this isn’t going to happen while tweeting its update plans.

HTC states that the unlocked One A9 will be receiving its Nougat update after the unlocked HTC 10 and the older One M9. Given that the HTC 10 won’t be receiving its update until Q4, which begins in October, the One A9 is guaranteed to miss its 15 day deadline, which would be by September 6th. Faster Android updates were a major selling point for the One A9, so this is going to disappoint a fair number of HTC customers.

Missing update targets is nothing new for HTC though, the company encountered set backs while pushing out Marshmallow and Lollipop updates to some devices. Although to HTC’s credit, the company has been better than most at communicating its upgrade schedule and updating its extended product portfolio.

There’s likely to be some technical reason why HTC is going to miss its target, but the company really shouldn’t be making promises that it can’t keep. On the plus side, the HTC 10 should receive its upgrade to Android Nougat before the year is out.