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How to update Chrome extensions

It's easy, but the option is a bit hidden.

Published onOctober 25, 2023

Chrome extensions are great little additions that can improve your experience and add functionality. Like any other app or software, though, these can get outdated, and devs are usually pushing out updates. If you want to be running the latest versions, you might want to learn how to update Chrome extensions.


To manually update Chrome extensions, launch the Chrome browser and click on the three-dot menu button. Go to Extensions > Manage Extensions. Toggle on the Developer Mode option and hit Update.


Editor’s note: We used a Windows 11 computer running Chrome version 118.0.5993.117. The steps might be slightly different if you’re using a different device or software version.

Do Chrome extensions update automatically?

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Yes, Chrome extensions should update automatically soon after the developer pushes out an update. That said, this system doesn’t always auto-update extensions right away. It may take a bit of time for a Chrome extension update to push to your browser. You can wait, or you can learn how to update Chrome extensions manually.

How to manually update Chrome extensions

The process to manually update Chrome extensions is simple, but it is a bit of a hidden feature. Let’s take you through the steps.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu button. It’s in the top-right corner.
  3. Highlight the Extensions option.
  4. Select Manage Extensions.
  5. Once on the Extensions page, you should see a Developer mode in the top-right corner. Toggle it on.
  6. A new set of options will show up. Click on Update.
  7. You will get a status notification in the lower-left corner. It will let you know when your Chrome extensions have finished updating.


It used to be possible to manually install Chrome extensions without going through the Chrome Web Store. While this gave users more freedom, it was also a cause of concern in terms of security. You can still manually install extensions as long as they are signed and verified by Google. This means they should also be in the Chrome Web Store, so it’s easier to simply go with the official method.

If you still want to install manually, go to Chrome > three-dot menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions > Developer mode > Load unpacked.

To remove a Chrome extension, go to Chrome > three-dot menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions and select Remove under the extension you want to delete. Confirm by hitting Remove again.

To check a Chrome extension’s software version, go to Chrome > three-dot menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions. Find the extension you want to check, and click on Details, right below it. Then look under Version.