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How to share Kindle books with your friends and family

Learn how to share your favorite Kindle books with others. Here's how to use Amazon's Family Library feature.

Published onFebruary 27, 2023

Amazon Kindle has revolutionized the way we read books. With the convenience of carrying thousands of books in one device, Kindle has become popular among book lovers. But what if you want to share your favorite books with your friends and family? Fortunately, Amazon offers a feature that allows you to share your e-books with up to ten people. In this article, we will show you how to share Kindle books with your friends and family in a few simple steps.


To share a Kindle book, you will have to create a Family Library and add the Amazon account to your Amazon Household. You can then add your books to the other member's libraries for them to read.


How to share Kindle books with your friends

Amazon used to allow Kindle readers to loan their kindle e-books to friends for up to two weeks. Unfortunately, as of August 2022, Amazon no longer allows the lending of e-books between Kindle users. In Amazon’s eyes, those friends are potential customers, and the company now requires each user to purchase their own copy of the book.

You can, however, share a book recommendation with a friend through email or social media. But, of course, they won’t be able to read the e-book unless they buy it. One way around this is to share a book using the Family library, which we’ll detail in the next section.

How to share Kindle books by creating a Family Library

Family Library lets you share digital content with eligible family members added to your Amazon Household. You can link two adult Amazon accounts to share e-books, audiobooks, apps, and games.

Note that the limit is two adults per household. Children can access the shared library from your device or their kid’s tablet.

To start, navigate to Households and Family Libray under Manage Your Content and Devices > Preferences. Then, select Invite an Adult or Add a child. This example will follow adding a child, which is more straightforward since it doesn’t require another person to log in with their Amazon account.

amazon household and family members
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Next, select one or more books and choose to Add to Library under Manage Your Content and Devices > Content.

Amazon add to library
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Select Make Changes, and your books will be added to their library.

amazon added to library success
Adam Birney / Android Authority

While it’s unfortunate that Amazon pulled the plug on lending Kindle books to friends, you can still share e-books with others in the same Amazon household by creating a Family Library. Remember that each Amazon Household can have up to two adults, four teens, and four children.


Yes, but you will have to create a Family Library and add the other Kindle user to your Amazon Household. Family Libraries can have a maximum of two adult Amazon accounts.

Yes, you can share Kindle books for free with up to ten people through Amazon’s Family Library feature. This feature lets you share your purchased e-books and other eligible content, such as apps, audiobooks, and games, with your family members.

Yes, you can read a shared Kindle book on multiple devices, as long as the devices are registered to the same Amazon account. When you share an e-book with someone, it will be added to their Kindle library, and they can access it from any device registered to their Amazon account.

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